I started as a carpenter, digging holes, climbing ladders and getting a sunburnt neck. Now I divide my time in the workshop, handcrafting joinery by personally reclaimed timber from bygone years and forgotten buildings.


When making Solid Timber Furniture, Benches & Joinery I use where possible the Jarrah, the messmate, the vic ash reclaimed from houses prior to demolishment.

In my ​Carpentry Services and shopfitting/hospitality services I do my upmost to employ and recommend genuine and functional sustainable materials and passive design principles for not only beauty and comfort but to substantially reduce your home or business' embodied energy and also your electricity costs!

I also mill and dimension these reclaimed timbers in my Coburg workshop which allows for a more flexible, harmonious design and more affordable price, most carpenters are limited to what low grade premium priced timber is on the shelves at Bunnings.

Reclaimed timber generally has had the time to achieve a stable moisture content and a level of stability and rest which new timbers do not, making it resistant to future warping and movement. Also reclaimed timber come from before the days of pine frame houses, some of the worlds strongest most versatile hardwoods - the Australian eucalypti - were the mainstay of the building industry.



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