I started as a carpenter, digging holes, climbing ladders and getting a sunburnt neck. Now I've ended up in a workshop surrounded by liberated timber from bygone years and forgotten buildings.


Before the days of pine frame houses, some of the worlds strongest most versatile hardwoods - the Australian eucalypti - were the mainstay of the building industry. Many old houses are holding secret troves of blackbutt, messmate and jarrah within their roofs and walls.


Nowadays, sadly, we see a huge push to demolish everything we built the century prior. And at such a rate that everything is carted into landfill.


The timbers I work with are personally liberated from these sites, from the condemned walls, soon to be crushed roofs and otherwise wasted floorboards I source my materials.


Everything I make I pour my heart and soul into. I mill everything myself and let the character of each stick speak to me its future place in a work of practical art. 


The chances are if you love the piece half as much as I do when its finished, it'll be in your family for generations.