A solid bench or table can be the locus of the family home. Whether its where you have a morning coffee, a wine with friends or cooking dinner, do it on a stunning custom built piece of timber joinery.


Whichever timber tickles your fancy. Sleek or full of character. Solid timber timber benchtops stand the test of time and increase the value of your home greatly.


The process is easy, you bring a couple of inspiration photos and I'll throw some rough designs up in Sketchup until we arrive on your dream idea. 

A quick note: Reclaimed timber generally has had the time to achieve a stable moisture content and a level of restfulness which new timbers do not, making it resistant to future warping and movement. Also reclaimed timber come from before the days of pine frame houses, when some of the worlds strongest most versatile hardwoods - the Australian eucalypti - were the mainstay of the building industry. Not to mention the sequestered carbon which would have released itself back into the atmosphere had you not commissioned it.

All of my work is finished with OSMO – a European oil-wax compound that protects the timber from stains and moisture. Instead of a ghastly polyurethane - plastic coating, OSMO brings the natural beauty of Australian timber to life.