From whence it came...

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I've cobbled together a few photos to illustrate what the hunt for condemned timbers looks like. I'm writing this to show the hoy polloy just one of the many sins of our wastefull construction industry.

This wood all came from natural or virgin sources, not plantation. The least we can do is start to intelligently renovate our abodes, rather than demolish and re-build. The big old majestic Eucalypts should be honoured, not sent for landfill...

The rafters are cut from the ridge board and can be prised off easily

If you have the time to release it, the ridge board is the longest and straightest member

Loading up

I lamented to see this place demolished, some dream home only built forty years prior, using imported Douglas Fir from the Pacific Northwest of America. Fir grows old, some trees still standing from when Lord Buddha was chanting among us. I had 24 hours to remove it before the bulldozer arrived to wreck it all.

All custom steel moldings.

Genuine stonemasonry, something rather rare for Aussie houses circa 1970!

An algae ridden pools, all to be filled in

Timber back at the shop

Mountain Ash. I wonder how old

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