Remodelling and renovating spaces into reposeful, spacious, modern and natural homes


Making use of; high performing natural insulations, genuinely sustainable products with low embodied energy, the possibility radically energy saving Hempcrete (see here) and tasteful use of recycled timbers

With the flexibility of all solid timber furnishings (benches, feature timbers, ect) created at my coburg workshop as part of the job. Leads to a more cohesive design and also avoids the client having to engage other premium timber trades

I’m also proficient with Sketchup, allowing the freedom to incorporate these flourishes, natural timber features or any other ideas the client might have as the project advances.

A note on reclaimed timber: Reclaimed timber generally has had the time to achieve a stable moisture content and a level of restfulness which new timbers do not, making it resistant to future warping and movement. Also reclaimed timber come from before the days of pine frame houses, when some of the worlds strongest most versatile hardwoods - the Australian eucalypti - were the mainstay of the building industry.